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Doors open at new library

30 March 2017

The Childs Hill Partnership Library, run by Kisharon and Mencap, is set to open its doors this Wednesday.

You can visit the library, and take out a book, from 2pm. The library will be open until 5pm, and reopen Thursday from 2-8pm, Sunday, 2-5pm and on Monday from 10-1pm.

Book lending services will run initially, but plans are underway for baby and toddler sessions and a conversation cafe when non-English speakers will be able to come to the library to improve their speaking skills. More community activities will be added in the months ahead.

“I am extremely excited about the library opening. We have all worked hard over the last couple of weeks to get trained and ready for this day, and it will be exciting to see how we perform and engage with the community,” said Neha Dhakar, Social Enterprise Manager, Partnership Library.

The training has included health and safety, safeguarding and training to use Barnet libraries’ management software as well as the day-to-day skills required to run a library.

“Our volunteers are very keen to learn,” Neha added.

Volunteers from across Kisharon have been trained as have a number of people living in the Childs Hill neighbourhood.

Childs Hill Library, one of the few public buildings bearing the name ‘Childs Hill’ is uniquely positioned to become a focal point for community activities. The area has no existing community centre and hopes are high that the new volunteer-led library will become a popular meeting place for local residents.

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