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Cherie Blair Ladies Brunch raises £52k

13 March 2018

Cherie Blair, CBE QC, praised Kisharon for the amazing breadth of its work at a Ladies’ Brunch in Finchley earlier this month which raised a record £52k.

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Cherie toured Kisharon before the event spending time with the children and adults we support. She said: “All deserve excellence in education and to be part of a community.” 

She said: “Equality and empowerment are two themes that are very close to my heart and seeing the dedication of all the staff at Kisharon to empowering the people they support and to giving them the tools to lead full lives and play an active role in their communities was truly inspiring. Organisations such as these break down misconceptions about people with learning difficulties, opening up opportunities never before thought possible for the people they support. The essential support of everyone involved in the Ladies’ Brunch shows how important Kisharon’s role is in the Jewish community.”

The brunch – this was Kisharon’s third – have featured speakers including retail consultant Mary Portas and the actress Jenny Barnett. The event was organised by Phillippa Hasenson and Perri Noé. Cherie was in conversation with journalist Sarah Lockett, and Cherie spoke passionately about her engagement with Kisharon’s staff and services, as well as employment and equality for women. At Kisharon, she had seen many facilities for children and had been particularly impressed by the amazing ‘breadth of work that you do.’ She spoke warmly of Tuffkid which integrated mainstream children and those with special needs. 

Each guest at the brunch received the new cookbook by the Cooking Lunch Girls, ‘Cook, Taste, Share’. All proceeds from books purchased from Kisharon’s website and the Equal Gifts and Homeware shop in Temple Fortune will support Kisharon’s work.

Chief Executive Bev Jacobson paid tribute to the exceptional success of the event. She said: “Your support has exceeded all expectations. We are so grateful to our committee members for this fantastic event and to Cherie Blair for helping to shine a spotlight on Kisharon’s efforts to achieve equal opportunities, and in particular, for women with learning difficulties.”  

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