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14 June 2018

This week it was announced that I will soon be leaving Kisharon, where I have spent ten incredible years.

website bev and dad

My departure culminates with the establishment of a free school and the start of a £12.5m project for a building to house it. Given that we still need to raise the final £1m for the building project, as my parting gift, I am raising money by taking on one last mad sponsored endurance challenge.

Through this, I am hoping to raise £75k in order to endow a classroom in memory of my late father, Dr Bentley Phillips, who is with me in the photo above. He would have celebrated his 89th birthday today, June 15 but sadly passed away in October (27 Tishrei). This well-respected doctor spent his life devoted to helping others and was my role model and inspiration.

Next month, I will be running the Mont Blanc Marathon:

Do look at the video – it makes the Antarctic Marathon I completed in November 2016, look like a walk in the park. It is a 42km mountain trail run starting in Chamonix and finishing at 2,016m (6,614 feet) altitude. Along the way there is a 2,780m positive vertical gain and 1,704m vertical drop. The race begins with a relatively easy climb through the valley and up to Argentière (1250m). Things stay almost relaxed until Allorcine (1260m), nestled at the bottom of a green valley close to Switzerland. Then begins the climb towards to the highest point at the Aiguillette des Posettes (2201m) where there are fantastic views of the Mont-Blanc massif before a quad-burning and treacherous descent which includes two sharp ascents and a final draft down to the finish line. If you would like to sponsor me you can do so here: or on:

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